“The Obelisk in its universal significance and presence continually offers me the challenge to find more meanings, morals and metaphors within the rigidity of its’ formal structural nature. In a painstaking way I was able to put together a sequential display of the private aspects of this icon. Whether I am conceptually successful or not should be considered as an attachment to the mystery of this wonderful shape”



PISCIS: A Marine Bestiary

These sculptures are the continuation of a Marine Bestiary that I created and exhibited in 1988. On that occasion the works represented some gratuitous, whimsical imaginary creatures that were inspired by the experience of my Compadre the Mexican poet, Jose Manuel Pintado on the shores of a remote fishing village on the Pacific Coast. He was telling me about the fantastic names given to the daily catch. I figured that it was worthy to compose a catalogue of these creatures in the pedagogical fashion of Jorge Luis Borges. Now, in this collection I have added some new members, including “dwellers” of the waters of the Gulf of Bizcay.


“All along I am developing concepts and metaphors which sometimes require a different media and technique to execute and sometimes I alternate the routines and apply myself to the construction of marvelous bibelots. I am faithfully adding new pieces to an already extensive collection of constructions, transformed elements, etc…. which is the result of a search, under a Dada premise, of the secret aspects of ordinary quotidian objects”.